Nov 08, 2016 18:29:17

MQQ Strategy – Nov 2016 update

- The Mansek Quant Quest (MQQ) strategy marked its debut with 2.9% return (vs JCI’s 1.1%) in October. We reshuffle the MQQ ten-stock portfolio for November by substituting $KREN and $LPPF with $BBNI and $BJTM.

- Top picks for November 2016. We reshuffle our MQQ ten-stock portfolio, adding $BBNI and $BJTM to replace $KREN and $LPPF. Estimated outperformance (equal-weighted) of the rebalanced portfolio is 1.8% relative to our Quant universe, with greatest contributions coming from Value and Profitability again this month. For a forecast of each stock in the universe, please refer to Figure 8 inside.

- Outperformed in October 2016. October is a boost to confidence. The MQQ’s recommendations (includes Mansek non-rated) managed to gain an equalweighted return of 2.9% (vs JCI’s 1.1%) in its debut. The biggest contributors were the coal-related stocks – $PTBA (+23.6%) and $UNTR (+22.2%), while the cement companies dragged on performance – $INTP (-5.2%) and $SMGR (-2.5%). Overall, it is a tougher month as the MQQ strategy tends to perform better in trending markets, while October is rather uneventful for the JCI.

- What investment styles worked? Momentum and Profitability worked spectacularly in October, with each recorded a long-only return of 8.3% mom and 11.4% mom respectively. Monthly style performance, however, can swing widely, and is thus a noisy indicator of future performance. The MQQ weighting to each style in November remains largely similar – 26% Value, 23% Profitability, 25% Growth and 26% Low Risk.