Nov 16, 2016 12:35:34

Bank Rakyat Indonesia ($BBRI) maintains loan growth target of 15-17% for 2017

Even though no final decision has been made, BBRI targets loan growth of 15-17% in 2017, similar to 2016’s target. President
Director of BBRI Asmawi Syam states that they are still processing the bank’s business plan. Going forward, BBRI will still focus
on distributing loans to MSMEs and will participate in infrastructure projects, including ports, airports, telecommunications,
and toll roads. Asmawi states that MSME loan growth would likely be >20%yoy in 2017, in line with 2016’s achievement,
however the bank will be more selective in distributing corporate loans as their main focus will be on their micro segment. In
the corporate segment, Asmawi states that BBRI will distribute loans to Krakatau Steel and a number of SOE companies next
year. (Bisnis Indonesia)